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Standard Delivery Service

Nationwide coverage across Malaysia

70 KG and below

Total L x W x D = 300 CM

Per side maximum = 150 CM

Next Day Delivery


Next Day Delivery (NDD) Service

WM to WM, EM to EM (except outskirt area)

5 KG and below

Total L x W x D = 90 CM

Per side maximum = 30 CM


Multi-Pieces Shipment (MPS)

Nationwide coverage across Malaysia

Send up to 10 parcels with only a single waybill number

70 KG and total 300 CM max for each parcel

Normal Express


Parcel or Document supported

Up to 13 nations including TWN, HK, MAC, VN, SG, KR, JP & many more.

Estimated 3 to 5 days shipment

Up to 30 KG


Pay later

Only applicable to VIP customers

Applicable for cash payment

Preferably J&T e-wallet payment

J&T Super

Customized Packaging

Express Claim

Dedicated Customer Service

Free Pickup for 1 parcel

Auto Insured

Express Doc

Business Driven Focus

Nationwide document delivery

As low as RM5

A4 packaging

Premium express service

Rapid GO (20 - 100 KG)

Simple and transparent pricing

Full safety standardisation

Traceable transportation

Total price guarantee

Customer Service system

Nationwide delivery

Free door-to-door delivery

Standard GO (101 - 300 KG)

Safe and standardised

Traceable transportation

Customer service system

Bulky cargo transportation solutions

International Product

Cross border supply chain

Domestic and international warehouse services

One-day, multi-batch deliveries

Dryage service provided

Multi-warehouse storage

Warehousing Product

Heavy goods transportation

WM to WM, EM to EM only

Up to 1000KG goods weight

Warehouse storage provided

Mature transferring system

Customer Service: 60123018058
Business Corporation: 0123018147