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Standard Delivery Service

Nationwide coverage across Malaysia

30 KG and below

Total L x W x D = 300 CM

Per side maximum = 120 CM

Next Day Delivery


Next Day Delivery (NDD) Service

WM to WM, EM to EM (except outskirt area)

5 KG and below

Total L x W x D = 90 CM

Per side maximum = 30 CM


Pay later

Only applicable to VIP customers

Applicable for cash payment

Preferably J&T e-wallet payment

Normal Express

International Shipping

Parcel or Document supported

Up to 8 nations including SG, BN, CN, ID, VN, TH, PH and HK.

Estimated 3 to 5 days shipment

Up to 30 KG

Express Doc

Business Driven Focus

Nationwide document delivery

As low as RM5

A4 packaging

Premium express service

J&T Super

Customized Packaging

Express Claim

Dedicated Customer Service

Free Pickup for 1 parcel

Auto Insured


Multi-Pieces Shipment (MPS)

Nationwide coverage across Malaysia

Send up to 10 parcels with only a single waybill number

30 KG and total 300 CM max for each parcel

Rapid GO (20 - 100 KG)

Simple and transparent pricing

Full safety standardisation

Traceable transportation

Total price guarantee

Customer Service system

Nationwide delivery

Free door-to-door delivery

Standard GO (101 - 300 KG)

Safe and standardised

Traceable transportation

Customer service system

Bulky cargo transportation solutions

International Product

Cross border supply chain

Domestic and international warehouse services

One-day, multi-batch deliveries

Dryage service provided

Multi-warehouse storage

Warehousing Product

Heavy goods transportation

WM to WM, EM to EM only

Up to 1000KG goods weight

Warehouse storage provided

Mature transferring system

Customer Service: 60123018058
Business Corporation: 0123018147