We are your reliable e-commerce shipping partner
Partnership Benefits with J&T Express
Importance of Courier Service in E-Commerce
Centralised Courier Service Platform and Management System for Seller/Merchant
Simple EWB Printing System
Friendly User Experience
Centralised Payment Mechanism
Better Cash Flow Management
Reasonable Delivery Fees
Understanding the Market Trend
E-Commerce and shipping share a synonymous relationship, yet shipping often becomes an afterthought for busy retailers. For customers on the other hand, a brand’s shipping experience can carry just as much weight as the product it sells, or the marketing doing the selling.
2 Billion
Shoppers Online By 2021
Users are twice as like to return after a satisfied delivery experience
of users have abandoned a purchase due to unsatisfactory shipping options
Speedy Last Mile Delivery
  • Enjoy nationwide geographic speed via more than 1,100 touch points for last mile deliveries.
  • With us, you've got options : affordable domestic and international shipping, easy returns, and express services for global deliveries, so your products get there in time on the weekend - during breakfast or lunch.
  • Affordable domestic and international deliveries.
  • Premium global shipping.
  • Easy returns.
Genuine Customer Service
  • Value-added service including fast claim, door to door pick up, 365 days operations and support to our partners
  • Your personal business account manager.
  • Answers to your e-commerce shipping questions.
Warehouse (E-Fulfilment)
  • Complete e-fulfilment warehousing services for whole range of online and offline retailers.
  • One stop trustable solution centre including storage, inventory management (WMS system), pick and pack customisable services.
International Shipping
  • Import and Export for first mile e-commerce logistics services include Cross Border, Air Freight, Sea Freight, Custom Clearance, and Land Transportation.
Easy Shipping Management & Integrations
  • We're plugged into most e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Magento, WooCommerce, etc.) and shipping software. Running your own system? Have a look at our API library to get quotes, calculate the total cost of package deliveries, find service points, and much more. Finally, our J&T Express portals give you yet another option to manage your deliveries.
  • Convenient and real-time tracking system that integrates with your webs.
  • Compatible with most e-commerce platforms & software.
  • API library.
  • Access to dedicated J&T Express portals.
Extra Protection For Your Products
  • Our track record speaks for itself: Over 700 thousand parcels moved per day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year (including weekends and public holidays), since 2018. If you ever need more peace of mind, we offer additional options to protect your deliveries.
  • Full coverage CCTV surveillance.
  • Parcel Insurance Coverage.
  • Real-time Tracking System.
It’s paramount for people to feel confident that they will receive their products in the shortest amount of time possible. We’d hate to see our customers go somewhere else because we don’t offer a good shipping, so during our third holiday season with J&T Express, we can see our customers are very satisfied.

- Noor Danielle, Top Shopee Seller
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