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COD Payment Method

We ensure that you'll embark on an efficiency of COD Delivery


Don't have a credit card or e-Wallet? No Worries! You can get your parcel delivered to you and pay with cash.



Pay with J&T Malaysia App and track your parcel in the App.


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Scan and pay from any mobile banking or e-Wallet with National QR.

COD Coverage Area :
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Pay with DuitNow QR and Get RM3 Shipping Voucher for next delivery

Contactless Payment (More Safe) | Guaranteed Information Safeguarded

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Follow the steps for registration:
  1. Go to VIP Page
  2. Enter your postcode or search for related Person In Charge (PIC)
  3. Contact Person In Charge (PIC) or fill in for VIP registration
  4. Related Person In Charge (PIC) will contact you shortly!