Act of Kindness: J&T Express Johor

Ending the year with gratitude and kindness, J&T Express Johor recently paid a visit to Persatuan Kebajikan Yin Yuan. The event began at 10AM with our J&T Express Johor crews arriving at the welfare centre. The event started of with a group photo taking session and donation giving with J&T Express Johor presenting gifts in the form of necessity supplies and a transferrable sum of donation.

It was a day well spent giving back to those in need via helping hands and abundance of love. J&T Express Johor brought joy to the elderly by cleaning up their facilities and accompanying them for lunch while chatting with them, exchanging life stories. It was a wonderful fellowship and J&T Express Johor hopes to keep the ball rolling with others through this act of kindness.

November 09, 2018