11Street Product Sourcing and Delivery Workshop

Kuala Lumpur, 19th September - J&T Express Malaysia participated as a speaker in a "Product Sourcing and Delivery Workshop" on 19th of September organised by 11Street which took place in the 11Street’s Seller Zone event space. Our talk entitled “Urban Delivery Redefined” was well received by over 150 attendees.

The audience consists of new and experience entrepreneurs looking to start their online businesses but are lacking of knowledge in the logistics industry. The title of our talk boldly describes us as a technology based express service company as we strongly apply advanced IT management system in our services to provide customers with high-efficiency and high-quality service; namely high efficiency pick-up and delivery service, while developing related online businesses.

With our 365 Days of Services, 24-Hour Service Hotline, Pick Up Services, Fast Claim Systems, Nationwide Coverage, Beneficial VIP User Platforms, State of The Art Cutting Edge Centre Distribution Systems and etc; we managed to gain and increasing number of customers’ registrations.

This workshop was beneficial for the audience as we introduce a new and safer concept of parcel deliveries. We took this opportunity to create brand awareness and potentially recruiting more clients.

To brighten up the event, J&T Express Malaysia sponsored five units of OPPO F5 phones as free giveaways. Many were enthusiastic by the giveaway surprise.

J&T Express Malaysia would like to thank 11Street for the opportunity to expose the audience about the knowledge of logistics and will continuously support 11Street on their further upcoming events. Rapidly, we will integrate together as a team for the convenience of many sellers out there whom are interested with our delivery platforms.

Customers who registered with us on that day will be enjoying a promotional shipping rate and are entitled to sign up for our VIP User Platform.

September 24, 2018