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Does J&T Express operates every day?

Yes, we operate 365 days a year including weekend and public holidays.

How can I check the shipping price rate?

You may visit our website at www.jtexpress.my or download the J&T Express Malaysia application on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

Where can I provide feedbacks, suggestions or complaints?

You may contact our 24 hours customer service hotline at 1300-80-9000 or e-mail to [email protected]



Where should I send my parcels to if I want to make a delivery?

There are approximately 350 drop-points nationwide, you may go to the nearest drop point to deliver your parcels, call our customer service hotline or visit our website and applications to make an order and sent your shipment.

Who should I ask for if I need to deliver my parcels or documents?

You may contact our call centre hotline 1300-80-9000, visit our website at www.jtexpress.my or download J&T Express Malaysia application at Google Play Store or Apple Store to deliver your parcels.

If a recipient not at home, what will be the package / parcel status?

We will arrange delivery service for a maximum of two times, if the parcel is delivery unsuccessful, the parcel is place safely in our drop point temporarily.


Pick Up services:

Does a pick-up service require additional fees?

Additional surcharge of RM5 per trip (excludes 6% SST) is required for unlimited amount of pick-up parcel. Free pick-up service for J&T Express VIP members only.

How to order pick-up service?

We have multiple platforms for a pick-up service order:

1. J&T Express Malaysia App

2. Official website at www.jtexpress.my

3. VIP platform

4. Call our 24 hours customer service hotline 1300-80-9000.

Is there a minimum or maximum weight requirement for pick-up service?

1. Single parcel dimensional weight limit:
     a) Longest length must not more than 150cm.
     b) Length + Width + Height must not more than 300cm.
2. Single parcel actual weight limit is 70kg.
3. Dimensional weight formula remains- Length (CM)*Width (CM)*Height (CM)/6000.
4. Weight of calculating shipping fee remains- Actual or Dimensional Weight, whichever higher.
5. For air freight shipments, the maximum weight is 35kg or dimension to be less than 90cm x 90cm x 90cm.



How can I track my airway bill number and parcel status?

You may visit our website at www.jtexpress.my or download the J&T Express Malaysia application at Apple Store and Google Play Store to track your parcel and airway bill by simply key in the numbers stated on the airway bill.


Cooperate / VIP account:

How can I create an account for cooperate / VIP account?

You may contact us via our customer service hotline 1300-80-9000 or 03-92129660, email to [email protected] or visit us at your nearest drop point. You may also head to www.jtexpress.my and click Express Services > VIP Account > Register. We will assist you with the VIP account registration process.